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“What a great resource! I enjoyed the sections on influence, seeing children as God does, teaching wholesome values and practices, the impact of a father and ways to bless our kids. I pray this resource blesses many lives. It is written so well.” 
BYRON COPELAND, Pastor, Gateway Church

“As a parent myself, I am constantly thinking on how I can help my son discover his God given purpose in life. Beyond Parenting will bring revelation that will inspire you to engage your kids in a different way to help them walk the path of discovery. Nestor and Dina have poured their hearts onto their two girls and now share with us the principles they have utilized to raise healthy, vibrant, young women. Don’t settle for world standards, exchange an average upbringing for the God-given gift of parenting and build a Godly Dynasty! Your relationship with your children can be fun, refreshing and whole for a lifetime!”

LORENA VALLE, Pastor, Gateway Church

“Beyond Parenting is set apart from other parenting books by its totally transparent and applicable message. The authors are presenting you with parenting principles and hands-on information that will totally bless you and the lives of your children if you follow the guidance. We are all very aware of the warfare going on for the lives of our children. We live in a time of great adversity and permissiveness. Our children are targets of the enemy. We need more parents to stand in the gap, modeling and demonstrating godly principles that will influence the lives of our children for eternity. I have known Nestor and Dina Lima for many years as they have loved and served their family together. They are genuine in everything they do. They have also worked together in ministry with my husband and I. You will be greatly encouraged and inspired to never give up on your children. Use Beyond Parenting as a guide and a tool to renew and inspire your parenting habits.” 
―DR. IRIS DELGADO, President, Crowned With Purpose, Best-selling author of, Satan, You Can’t Have My Children! and, Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage!

Beyond Parenting is a must for parents. Not only will you be given dynamic parenting techniques, but you will be equipped with purpose and intentionality. You will learn to parent from a deeper level and united vision. It teaches you how to truly connect with your kids and deal with the moments, while instilling confidence for the future.” 
STAN DENNIS, Marriage & Family, Gateway Church

“I am so thankful for the time, commitment and sacrifice your family shared with our single parents at Gateway Church NFW. Your training equipped parents in the knowledge and understanding of how to raise their children in prayer, vision, devotion and biblical authority. You helped them gain faith and belief that God will help them fulfill their role as loving, Christian parents. The insight and wisdom God has entrusted you with is amazing. You are a tribute to parenting. One of the greatest examples of your teaching and favor lies within your beautiful daughters, Gianna and Nathalia. I am so thankful you had them join you in the Beyond Parenting series. They are the living examples of the fruit of your lives and faith. Our parents were amazed and captivated as Gianna and Nathalia shared their experiences and knowledge. Their openness and honesty about the blessings of being raised in the Lima family gave our parents hope, confidence and a desire to raise their families in the principles of Beyond Parenting.”
DOUG VAUGHN, Pastor, Gateway Church

“Every chapter in this book was a tool I needed to enhance and improve the calling of being a parent. I am following the Beyond Parenting Model which addresses the three different dimensions where we can make an impact in our children lives. This new knowledge is allowing me to be not just a provider but a mentor and a coach as well. After completing this course I am no longer afraid that my child will forget about God when she grows up because I firmly believe that she will be rooted in the faith and conviction of His existence. Through this book I have found a way to build a close relationship with my child, which is also what our heavenly Father desires for us.” Pilar W.

“The Beyond Parenting course is a family-changer! I really believe that when we apply these truths to our family and approach our parenting with this heart, God will do an amazing work in all of us.” Amy M.

“I thought that parenting would forever remain a mystery to me. However, the Beyond Parenting course has opened my eyes and given me real tools and techniques that give me hope! The idea that we need to treat the physical, emotional, and spiritual sides of our children in separate but consistent ways really was an eye-opener for me. Even though I am an experienced parent I have learned techniques through the course that have already taken my relationship with my children to a much deeper level.” Steve W.

“Beyond Parenting has opened my eyes to new ways to reach the heart of my sons, meaningful ways to connect and mentor. The course has shown me multiple areas in which I can further connect and relate to my sons.” Michael B.

“A parenting resource I can recommend 100%! This resource has helped us build relationship with our son. We learned to be more intentional using coaching and Power Conversations, which have deepened our connection with one another and our family is growing closer. Teen rebellion is something we did not experience. We have seen beautiful fruit from the blessing ceremony.” Tammy B.

“Beyond Parenting has provided amazing tools and has helped me to view parenting from another perspective. It has provided an opportunity for me to make a huge difference in my children and our legacy in Yeshua.” David V.

“This course came at a perfect timing as I’d been asking God to show me ways to effectively connect to the hearts of my children. Throughout the course, learned some great tools for implementation, which I have started applying and it is going well so far. I believe this course has opened my eyes. Not only has it taught me ways to connect with my children, but I realized if anything were to happen, it would be my willingness to change my ways and see from His perspective. I’m definitely more purposeful in my connection with my children and choosing to love and extend grace the way God has done with me.” Carrie V.

“Beyond Parenting presents the triune nature of body, soul and spirit very well. What added deep value were the parenting skills of parenting, mentoring and coaching. These skills give vision to the parent and will aid in success with their children.” Matthew K.

“This was an eye-opening experience for both of us and helped us see the vision God has for not only this generation but the ones to come. The conversations we are having now are intentional and purposeful. We had open communications before but now there is a vision for our family and our conversations are guided by that vision God has given us. Coaching has not been a tool that we have utilized for helping our boys. We did mentor them and provide guidance. However, we see the value and the difference effective coaching will make in their lives.” Clint B.

“Beyond Parenting is just that: Above (God) and Beyond (Model). I am deeply appreciative of the insight God has given the Lima’s to share with us so we too may bring our children up and give them a hope, future and a dynasty.” Shannon K.

“Beyond Parenting opened up a lot of different angles that I was not utilizing as a parent. Speaking up was my greatest challenge as a Dad. After coming home from work all I wanted to do is love on them. But there’s more to it than just financial and love support. Now I feel a sense of speaking out to help them grow with good values… I learned a lot and will cherish my experience from Beyond Parenting for a lifetime. Looking back now at the entire year, I will place this as the best thing I did in 2016!” Giovanni D.

“We bonded pretty quickly with our small group and were rather sad that it ended so quickly. I like the smaller intimate groups as they feel safer and I’m able to share openly. Through the course I learned to help our boys to find the answers to a situation through coaching instead of always mentoring them. It helped us to be better coaches to our boys.” Leiann B.

“Beyond Parenting has tremendously impacted my confidence in knowing that I now have the tools to parent my children as God has called me to. I am beyond grateful for such an opportunity as this to be able to gain and implement such amazing parenting tools! This truly is a pivotal point for our family dynasty and it will have an eternal impact for generations to come!” Bianca D.

“I had some fears in my life but I feel more confident to share some of my experiences and speak up about them.” Carlos D.

“By taking this course I learned that I could be subject to generational iniquities that could potentially affect my children. I learned to identify them and I could see them in my family and even in my life, i.e., anger. But I also learned how to deal with them and start fresh for my children.” Andry D.

“This was an awesome series! I have already recommended it to many others and bought the book for my son, niece and several others. The class would be perfect for someone before they become a parent, but great regardless of what stage of parenthood you are in (mine are grown). I want to be a better parent and grandparent. In the class, you learn effective tools that you can implement immediately with real life examples..” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“I wish I would have had this training prior to the birth of my child, but it’s never too late to apply godly principles in parenting at any state of a child’s life. I appreciate that the class applies to all ages and expresses the importance of building a godly dynasty and the effect that it will have on future generations. It also stressed the importance of not only creating family values but putting them in writing for your family to view, remember and practice.” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“This class was such a blessing! It was life changing!” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“This class has been a true blessing of opening my eyes as a parent of how my actions and words affect my children. This class has laid out the foundation, starting point for me to follow. I will definitely be using the information that was taught for my family to pass on to generations to come. Thank you Nestor and Dina so much for your blessing.” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“Thank you Nestor and Dina for this class. It has been such an inspiration. I thought it might be too late for me since I am now a grandma. However, the classes I have attended have been so meaningful. It really touched my heart and beyond. I wish I had heard of a class when my children were younger, but now I know that God had directed me and my children to follow Him. Praise God!” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“Very helpful and founded on Biblical concepts/teaching. Very good resources! The book is great and online resources look good as far as I’ve looked so far! I want to make more time to use the resources to get full advantage. Nestor and Dina are great teachers. I appreciate their passion and purpose and commitment to God to share what God has imparted to them with others!” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“Great class! Very practical take-aways to work on. Dynamic teaching couple who have lived what they teach.” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“Awesome class. It helped in cultivating healthy and Biblical principles in raising children. It helped to release regret in the years of parenting our children up to this point and created a vision for how to raise our children on going. Our parenting style has already changed. Well done and thank you Nestor and Dina!” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“We were so encouraged and inspired by this class! So much so that we hope to lead a group of our own soon. Thank you, thank you Nestor and Dina for pouring your heart and soul into this class and training!” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“This class was so very inspirational and encouraging to be proactive in raising children and not reactive. Loved all the practical, tangible examples shared.” –Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“Five stars! This class is so needed and so fabulous! Please keep it up!” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“I think this class would do well if it was advertised as a new parents’ class. We were privileged to take it before we had our first baby and it was such a great blueprint for first-time parents. Nestor and Dina were great teachers and have a lot of experience and testimonies of how these principles have worked in their own family.” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“We feel blessed by the Lima’s sharing experiences and teachings of biblically raising children. It will change our approach to raising our children and building a Godly dynasty for them.” Equip Class attendee, Gateway Church

“My 14-year old son was very spoiled, had dropped his school grades and would just lock himself up in his room. After only two ‘power conversations’ he’s a totally different person! His behavior, school grades, smile and even friendships have changed!”

“I have been spending much more time praying for my children, learning who they are, speaking their love language. I’m learning something new about them each day. My temper has been calmed and my patience has increased. I pray blessings over them and see how willing they are to
talk to me now compared to a few months ago. I have finally forgiven myself of my past failures. This is only a portion of the changes that have taken place.”

“Coming into this course I was a bit apprehensive. I was going through a divorce so I felt like I shouldn’t have been in the class. Each time I came I felt more welcomed and I learned so much. It really helped me and drew me out of a dark place.”

“Perfect timing! I started going through a lot with my son and his behavior. I learned so much in this class. I was able to get closer to God during this process and learned how to deal with my son. I did not want to miss one week!”

“When I shared with my teenage old son about the Power Points and how he could earn them, he was excited! We started with the Power Conversations and earning Power Points for certain topics we discussed. His interest was especially sparked when he heard, by earning so many points, he could purchase certain items or get special privileges. I appreciate the uniqueness of this tool and have also used it with much success when caring for my grandchildren.”

“This class has given me a godly view on how to raise my daughter the right way, discipline her with love and be in control of my emotions.”

“The class has helped me grow not only as a parent and grandparent helping to raise my grandson, but also personally. Please take your program to schools and libraries to help other families and individuals grow!”

“I have been able to learn and apply what I’ve learned, such as asking my child for forgiveness.”

“Even though I am an experienced parent I have learned techniques that have already taken my relationship with my children to a much deeper level.”

“Speaking up was my greatest challenge as a Dad. I learned there’s more to parenting than just providing financial and love support.”

“Beyond Parenting has tremendously impacted my confidence in knowing that I now have the tools to parent my children as God has called me to.”

“Through the course I learned to help our boys to find the answers to a situation through coaching. The conversations we are having now with our boys are intentional and purposeful.”

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